Guys please help me decide which tshirt I should wear to the Big 4!

I was leaning more towards the California Big 4 shirt, what do you guys think?

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  2. themadworldofsean answered: the big 4 one…. and enjoy the gig!! its going to be fucking mental!!
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  5. spectacularbushidoman answered: vic climbing out of the green shit ftw!
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  7. kristineth answered: Nice collection
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    (and i thought i was the only one to decide a specific shirt to wear before a concert…)
  10. megas3th answered: i vote the big four! or the remastered killing is my business cover, thats always been a fave of mine.
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  12. enigmal-insanity answered: damn..youre going to both? grumble… either the KIMB one or the b4 cali one..
  13. witchtripper answered: either of the bottom two in the second picture i think
  14. metalheadfrisco answered: ethier killing is my bussniess or holy wars or california
  15. ledheadmichelle answered: 2nd picture, bottom left.
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